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Great place to carry out activities aimed at Albanians from all backgrounds and ages. As a center that is focused on providing exceptional experiences in anything related to education, culture, science and technology, this is probably one of the best in all of Tirana. Fantastic, super-friendly staff with a superb facility filled with high-tech equipment that makes teaching and learning quite an experience! I cannot recommend The Foundation enough!

Zadrima Ndihmë Ligjore

Great colleagues to work with! Thank you for your warm welcoming and support!
Studio D - Development & Dialogue

EESTEC lc Tirana

At EESTEC LC Tirana, we firmly uphold the principle that unity fosters strength and growth. Consequently, many of the projects and activities we have undertaken over the years have been collaborative efforts with one of our most cherished partnerships: the “M&M Ivanaj Foundation Institut”.

In combination with this Institute, we have orchestrated a series of highly successful initiatives. These endeavors have not only provided enriching experiences but have also led many young talents in the ICT field to secure positions within top-tier companies. Such accomplishments owe a great deal to the exceptional facilities offered by the M&M Ivanaj Foundation Institut and its outstandingly friendly and supportive staff, which are fully equipped to support a diverse range of activities. With utmost confidence, we wholeheartedly recommend the premises and services offered by the “M&M Ivanaj Foundation Institut”.

Benson Begaj, Executive Director - EESTEC LC Tirana

Smartkids albania sh.p.k.

Our time at the “M&M Ivanaj Foundation Institut” was quite transformative for our startup. Located in the heart of Blloku, Tirana, it offered a vibrant workspace with essential amenities like high-speed Wi-Fi, configurable training and conference rooms, facilities like SmartBoard and projectors, all under a flexible arrangement, ideal for a startup in its early years. The mix of privacy for focus and communal areas for networking struck the perfect balance. The community was a highlight, with regular events that fostered connections and growth. Friendly staff and an unbeatable location near public transport and local amenities made our business highly accessible and the overall experience outstanding for our clients. Highly recommend for startups seeking value and community.

Geiv Tomço, Co-Founder - SmartKids Sh.P.K.

Automation Industries Albania - Aia

The premises of  “MMFI Albania Sh.P.K.” are more than a place where to rent space for activities. This business subsidiary of the Ivanaj Foundation Institute in Tirana offers much more than room for activities of all sorts. We, at Automation Industries Albania, are a true example of the functionality of one of this organization’s original programs of also being a business innovation/incubator hub.  We started our successful pathway, within what are the coziest and cleanest premises in this town. After four years, now we are profitable, more than grateful for receiving precious counseling and hosting, and counter-paying this “clearing investment” in dividends. Additionally, the operational setup of all sorts of events within these premises is greatly enhanced by this entity’s welcoming and friendly staff.

Klevis Begaj, Administrator

amb. mal berisha

Ever since I acquainted myself with the activities of the Martin & Mirash Ivanaj Foundation, I have been privileged to not only partake in various events organized there but also to take on the role of initiator and organizer for a range of activities. These include book promotions, acknowledging significant figures who have made outstanding contributions to our country's history, fostering the poetic creativity of young individuals, and so forth.

Getting to know the President of the Foundation, Drita Ivanaj, is like taking a journey from the distant darkness until you emerge into the Light, a symbolic name that she herself bears.

The politeness of the employees, the cultured environment, the tools made available, are a rare opportunity that people of culture and knowledge find in this Foundation, in our capital, Tirana.

Knowledge, patriotic sentiments, dedication to family, homeland, and nation can all be exhibited there.

In this center, now of national significance, given the importance of the names it carries, Martin & Mirash Ivanaj, for our nation, I have consistently discovered precisely what a person devoted to their homeland and people seeks.

Amb. Mal Berisha (Ret.)